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Refound Refounder Refract
Refractable Refracted refractile
Refracting Refraction Refractive
Refractiveness refractivity refractometer
Refractor Refractorily Refractoriness
Refractory refractory-lined Refracture
Refragability Refragable Refragableness
Refragate Refrain Refrained
Refrainer Refraining Refrainment
Reframe Refrangibility Refrangible
Refrangibleness Refrenation Refresh
refreshable Refreshed refreshen
Refresher Refreshful Refreshfully
Refreshing Refreshingly Refreshingness
Refreshment Refret Refreyd
Refrication refried Refrigerant
Refrigerate Refrigerated Refrigerating
Refrigeration Refrigerative Refrigerator
Refrigeratory Refrigerium Refringency
Refringent Reft refuel
refueling refuelled refuelling
Refuge Refuge%2C Refugee
refugia Refugio Refugio%2C
Refulgence Refulgency Refulgent

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