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Internet Explorer 4+ add-on lets you easily look up words: just highlight the word on ANY page, right click, and chose "Define with BlogDict". A new window will open with the blogdict.com page and the word's available definitions.


Download the archive (1KB), extract to a directory then run blogdict-install.bat

Note: Plugin will create C:\blogdict\dict directory for installation -- dont remove that dir in order to keep it functional.

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Online version of Dictionary Lookup, available as free content for your web site. Visitors may enter word or phrase to lookup and click "Define!" and form will lead them to appropriate blogdict.com word's definition.


Simply copy/paste code available here on desired place of your website.
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Download the image file [right click, "Save image as"], upload it to your web server, then insert the following HTML into your document, replacing FILENAME with the correct file name (i.e. blogdict.jpg):

  <a href="http://www.blogdict.com/">
  <img src="FILENAME" width="80" height="15" border="0" alt="Blog Dictionary: Online English Dictionary & Word Definitions">

Note: Please make sure that you download the image locally and use that one, and don't use the complete URL to the graphics hosted on this site; it'll slow your site down and use up our bandwith.

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1. Blog Dict - free thesaurus and reference guide
2. Free online dictionary
3. Word Definitions powered by BlogDict online English dictionary

etc. - feel free to make your own text links and thanks a lot for supporting BlogDict!

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