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-handled -handling -head
-hood -ias -ible
-ic -ical -ics
-ide -ies -in
-in-law -ine -ing
-ion -ise -ish
-ism -ist -ite
-itis -ive -ize
-ized -izing -kies
-kin -knives -la
-lae -las -lea
-less -let -li
-lin -ling -lions
-lite -lith -logy
-lumus -ly -mancy
-mata -meister -men
-ment -mere -meter
-metry -mi -mieres
-min -mo -morphous
-N3 -naires -nea
-ness -neums -NHCOO-
-ni -nieres -nies
-nik -nized -nizing
-NO -NO2 -nomata

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