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-nos -nues -ock
-OH -oid -ol
-oled -oling -olled
-olling -oma -omata
-one -ons -or
-ory -ose -our
-ous -phobia -phore
-plastic -plasty -PO4
-pod -poda -pos
-prossed -prossing -raaden
-rae -raked -raking
-retted -ria -rias
-ric -rid -ries
-s -sane -schaften
-scope -ses -SH
-shioth -ship -shoth
-si -some -soria
-sories -sporangia -staffs
-staves -ster -strucken
-sulphuretted -taks -taroth
-taxis -thropi -ti
-tiches -ties -tin
-tos -trices -tries
-trixes -tyla -type

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