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From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (27 SEP 03) [foldoc]:

           /MIN-ix/ A small {operating system} that is
          very similar to {UNIX}.  MINIX was written for educational
          purposes by Prof. {Andrew S. Tanenbaum} of {Vrije
          Universiteit, Amsterdam}.

          MINIX has been written from scratch and contains no AT&T code
          -- neither in the {kernel}, the {compiler}, the utilities, nor
          the libraries.  Although copyrighted by Prentice-Hall, all
          {sources}, {binaries} and {documentation} can be obtained via
          {Internet} for educational or research purposes.
          Current versions as of 1996-11-15:
          MINIX 2.0 - {Intel} {CPU}s from {Intel 8088} to {Pentium}
          MINIX 1.5 - {Intel}, {Macintosh} ({MacMinix}), {Amiga}, {Atari
          ST}, {Sun} {SPARC}.
          {Home (}.

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