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From Jargon File (4.3.1, 29 Jun 2001) [jargon]:

  g-file n. [Commodore BBS culture] Any file that is written with the
     intention of being read by a human rather than a machine, such as the
     Jargon File, documentation, humor files, hacker lore, and technical
     This term survives from the nearly forgotten Commodore 64 underground

     and BBS community. In the early 80s, C-Net had emerged as the most
     popular C64 BBS software for systems which encouraged messaging (as
     opposed to file transfer). There were three main options for files:
     Program files (p-files), which served the same function as `doors' in
     today's systems, UD files (the user upload/download section), and
     g-files. Anything that was meant to be read was included in g-files.

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