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From Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Revised 6th Ed (1856) [bouvier]:

  TABELLIO. An officer among the Romans who reduced to writing and into proper 
  form, agreements, contracts, wills, and other instruments, and witnessed 
  their execution. The term tabellio is derived from the Latin tabula, seu 
  tabella, which in this sense, signified those tables or plates covered with 
  wax which were then used instead of paper. 8 Toull. n. 5; Delauriere, sur 
  Ragneau, mot Notaire. 

       2. Tabelliones differed from notaries in many respects: they had 
  judicia jurisdiction in some cases, and from their judgments there were no 
  appeals. Notaries were then the clerks or aiders of the tabelliones, they 
  received the agreements of the parties, which they reduced to short notes; 
  and these contracts were not binding until they were written in extenso, 
  which was done by the tabelliones. Encyclopedie de, M. D'Alembert, mot 
  Tabellion; Jac. Law. Dict. Tabellion; Merlin, Repertoire, mot Notaire, Sec. 
  1; 3 Sec. Giannone's Istoria di Napoli, p. 86. 

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