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From Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary [easton]:

     pleasantness, a Syrian, the commander of the armies of Benhadad
     II. in the time of Joram, king of Israel. He was afflicted with
     leprosy; and when the little Hebrew slave-girl that waited on
     his wife told her of a prophet in Samaria who could cure her
     master, he obtained a letter from Benhadad and proceeded with it

     to Joram. The king of Israel suspected in this some evil design
     against him, and rent his clothes. Elisha the prophet hearing of
     this, sent for Naaman, and the strange interview which took
     place is recorded in 2 Kings 5. The narrative contains all that
     is known of the Syrian commander. He was cured of his leprosy by
     dipping himself seven times in the Jordan, according to the word
     of Elisha. His cure is alluded to by our Lord (Luke 4:27).

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